Dancing away to some very classic dance floor bangers at the GORGEOUS Yarra Valley Estate!

Dance Floor Bangers!

These songs have been tried + tested, without doubt will get your guests up on the dance floor!  

Getting the vibe right for your dance floor is quite the science, but also a lot of years of testing out different songs! So below, are my ‘5 of the best dance floor bangers’ that I KNOW work! Dance Floor Bangers are great fun, everyone should know them, and love to dance to them!

I Wanna Dance With Somebody – Whitney – this song is simply ICONIC! The moment you hear the ‘clapping’ at the very beginning of the track, you know the song, you know you are going to dance, you know you are going to sing your arse off! 

Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars – This song fills the dance floor almost INSTANTLY! Young and slightly ‘less’ younger humans, they all love it! One of the BEST Dance Floor Bangers!

Wake Me Up Before You Go Go – Wham! – I mean, seriously, besides me, who doesn’t LOVE this song? I don’t get why people love it, but they do, so I know it works! Every. Single. Time! 

Be Faithful – Fatman Scoop – Years ago, when I was first learning about what was actually ‘GREAT’ RnB, I asked a girlfriend “what would make you put out a ciggy you just lit up and hit the dance floor”… she wasn’t wrong, this song just works! 

Mr Brightside – The Killers – It’s the end of the night, you’ve danced, you’ve laughed, and now it’s time for a BIG GROUP HUG! Well, I’ll pull out the big guns, with this dance floor banger, Mr Brightside. It brings you all together and I love it! Sing, hug, and jump! 

SEE, this was Taylia + Nathan’s wedding at the gorgeous Immerse Winery!

I LOVE a good time, love seeing the smiles on your faces, and love the dancing! There are so many amazing songs, and these are just a few dance floor bangers that  I KNOW will get you shaking your booty on the dance floor and having a great time!

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Till next time…

Much Love
Kel xo

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