Introducing Kel…

Hi, my name Kel, and I love weddings. Well to be honest, I love ‘LOVE’. I’m married to my honey since 2010 and it’s the best decision I ever made.

I’ve been doing this wedding gig for what is now about 20 years. I’ve been singing since before I could form sentences, started playing piano when I was 10 and then it was clarinet, violin and then finally guitar!

Oh and now I’m a bit of a ‘Looping Queen’ too! Can’t wait to show you these new  skills.

When it comes to planning and organsiing your wedding [or anything in my life] hubby says I am ‘OCD’… I like to say I have ‘GREAT time management skills’.

It’s super important to me, that you do your wedding, YOUR way. You don’t have to include anything, and if you want that metal song as your entrance, that is what you have. There are NO rules, you do you and I will support you all the way.

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