LIVE VIDEOS – Acoustic Wedding Singer

Real weddings, Real Acoustic Wedding Singer right here!  All my vocals are recorded live and no editing has been done in post production, only attempting to edit photos post production, or add in a cheeky transition hahaha

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Acoustic Wedding Singer

I love performing live, it brings a whole new element to your wedding! You get the best of both worlds! Live music AND DJ tunes! I’ve been a professional singer for almost 20 years, and I love what I do, and will learn ‘most’ songs for you [I can’t rap, so won’t be doing that haha].

Live music sets a vibe that you just can’t get from just DJ music. The singalongs are real [check out THIS VIDEO on my Instagram]

I love playing guitar and/or piano, and singing all your fav tunes! If you LOVE music, if it’s in your TOP THREE priorties for your wedding, I 100% encourage you to considering live music!