How much space does a Wedding DJ need?


How much space does a Wedding DJ need?

I get asked this question so often, I thought it was about time I shared with you all exactly how much space is needed for me. We are all a little different, but well, this is my blog, so it would be CRAY CRAY to talk about my competitors… or would it? Let’s see how I go, and you never know, I’m all for the community over competition.

So in my wee little blog, I am going to talk about how much space I need to set up at your reception and where I should be placed at your reception. This is actually extremely important depending on exactly what kind of vibe you want to be created with music.

How much space do I need?

I have updated my DJ setup to be a lot more sleek, sexy and space-saving. I bring everything, a table, speakers, basic dance floor lights, a wireless microphone, and a guitar.

My table is 4ft long [1.2mtrs] and then add in the Bose Pro L8 speakers and to be ‘comfortable’ but noice and toit, I will need 2 metres of space lengthwise, and it would be nice to have the same width wise.

However, I can squeeze myself into a corner quite nicely.

Here is one of my recent set ups so you can see how sleek it is.

Where to position me at your reception?

Generally speaking, you should [must] put me up close to the dance floor [centre of the dance floor works well]. This might not always be possible, so putting me as close as possible is the next best thing. Don’t put me right up the back in the corner, it just won’t work and we will all be sad 🙁

As you might already know, part of my charm is the fact that I am ‘interactive’ with you and your guests, and if you have me far far away, this is almost impossible.

‘Nobody puts Baby in the corner’

In Conclusion:

I only need a small space to set up 2 x 2 mtrs. I don’t need or even want a stage [believe it or not, I can shine brighter when I’m on the floor with you all]. Put me in front of your dance floor, or the best place where I can get into the groove with your favourite people and off we go.

Want to chat all things weddings? Head over to ‘My Offering‘ page to see what is instore when you book me! If you like what you see, fill out my ‘Contact‘ page! Let’s do it!

Next time you ask yourself ‘How much space does a wedding DJ need? Just enough for us to be amazing! [2 x 2 mtrs hehe]


My DJ buddies, all their setups are like mine, small, compact, sleek and they are ready to play those tunes and have your dance floor full! Check out ‘One More Song‘, DJ Aleks + DJ Eddy are amazing DJs and sleek AF!

Here’s to great music, great couples, great locations and great times!

Much love
Kel xox


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