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Not all things are created equal. Some people have limitless disposable cash, therefore they throw it all at SEO and pay to have their website number 1 (or at least on the first page of Google.) How to find the perfect DJ, click on PAGE 2 or more.

I’m guilty of it myself before I got a little more tech savvy [and I am sooo not there yet lol] but now I know that just because someone ranks on page 1, doesn’t mean they are necessarily the best options. So, how do you find the perfect DJ? Don’t just look on page 1 of the google search, that is just cray cray! Some of the best [like my good self] have not been in the website game for long enough, or sadly had enough money to pour into SEO etc. Just to be clear, I do not have an issue with this, but I also know how many amazing people are overlooked because we do not look past page 1.

Check out my post about ‘Booking your Wedding DJ/Music’ …. just some things to think about in that article. Remember, if you don’t vibe with the DJs on page one, you may just vibe with us over in the ‘other’ pages 🙂

Don’t forget also to head over to Google and look at their Google Reviews. Check out their reviews on socials and make sure they are ‘real’ reviews. Some people are sneaky and ask their ‘friends’ or other vendors to review them, these are not true, unbiased reviews.

I guess what I am trying to say is, just because something is big and shiny, doesn’t mean it’s the best.

I just came across the most hilarious ‘meme’

It’s so true, we hardly ever go there… be a dare devil, go on, I dare you 😛 

Do yourself a favour, how to find your perfect DJ click on page 2 or more!

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