How much should a Wedding DJ cost?

How much should a wedding DJ cost? How long is a piece of string? How much spaghetti should you cook for just one person? [Seriously, I struggle with the whole cooking pasta for the family… either too much or too little… but I digress] With so many different factors, this is not a ‘one price fits all’.

How much should a Wedding DJ cost? In 2020, Easy Weddings said the average people paid for a DJ was $1738, but seriously you can pay anywhere from $500 to $4000. This is for a DJ who performs at the reception (up to 6 hours). Easy Weddings also states that most people will pay between $2000 – $5000 for a duo, up to a 4 piece band, and as a guide, 48% of couples will hire a DJ while another 35% will hire a band. And another 17% of couples hire both!

Most entertainment services do not include an MC (Master of Ceremonies) or a Wedding Day Coordinator. An MC can cost anywhere from $500 to $2000 and a Wedding Day Coordinator can cost again, anywhere from $300 to $1500 for the day.

Total cost for your day, for just Entertainment/Planning: $5488 [and trust me, I am being conservative with this pricing]. Yes, you read that right!

So… what do you do? We haven’t even discussed their qualifications, experience, reputation etc.

Let’s be wild and look ‘outside’ the $$ amount, and let’s look at what elements you might want to consider when booking not just your wedding entertainment, but any wedding vendors for that matter. Let’s see how much you should pay for your Wedding DJ.


As you start going down the rabbit tunnel, seeing so many Wedding Entertainment options you need to ask: Are they ‘your’ people? This may sound obvious, but we as humans are so different, and bring so many different things to the table. I am not everyone’s cup of tea [and I am ok with that, as I don’t love everyone either hahaha], I am, however, loving, passionate, bold, cheerful, fiercely protective, loyal, and will inject myself exactly where you need me to inject myself!

When we choose each other, we are going to have a long life friendship. I will be the first to get excited when you buy your first home, or have a baby, or just go on that bloody holiday! I will be there, supporting you for years to come, being all proud as you hit the milestones you have set for yourselves. This is also reciprocated by amazing couples, who still engage with me year [even if their wedding was in 2017], still, send me love, give me the strength when I need it, and the giggles!

At the very pointy end of it, if you want someone who is going to love your wedding as much as you do, then getting the right ‘person’ is vital.


How many years have they performed specifically as a Wedding DJ? A wedding DJ is different from a pub/club DJ. Can they back up their experience? Check out their Google Reviews and make sure their reviews are from REAL clients, not friends or other vendors. I cannot stress this enough, yes, I do believe vendors can review each other… BUT a client review is worth way more! They’ve been dealing with the vendor from the beginning to end, with nothing to gain from leaving a great review… just saying 😛


What does their social media say about them? Is their feed current? Consistent with their narrative, and show real weddings, not stock images. If they are as busy as they say they are, their social media will reflect this.


Are they busy? The reality is, if they are booked out, many months ahead, their pricing will be higher. This is a good thing, this means they are respected and trusted by their clients.

How much should you pay for your Wedding DJ?

With those 4 factors alone, price should not be your only consideration. If you want that amazing music experience, from me, who is well experienced, has the years to prove it, the reviews to show it, then head over to my ‘CONTACT’ page and let’s chat!

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