I am NOT ‘the BEST Wedding DJ’


I am NOT ‘the best Wedding DJ’ … stay with me on this 

Controversial? I don’t think so. I am NOT ‘the best wedding dj’

… for everyone.

As human beings, we don’t all mesh, we don’t all vibe and we don’t all get along. We have different values, thoughts and this is important to factor in when booking your entertainment.  This is life, this is reality and I’m a realist.

I also, do not think everyone client is for me. I am an abundance of joy, energy, high vibes and just ready to PARTY! I will daggy dance with you all, I can be loud, funny and so energic, so if you’re not looking for all my sassy-ness, I again, will not be the right vibe!

*image by Silas Chau

I love my job, I love everything about what I do, I am passionate, I love music, and I love what music can bring to someone’s life and how it brings so much joy everyone gets from it.

I am a musician, playing piano since I was 10, sung from the moment I could make noise, picked up guitar in my 20’s, and I’ve been lucky enough to be part of celebrating weddings for 18 years and loving everyone moment of it.

I want to be part of a wedding where music is in your ‘top 3 MUST HAVES’ and where you won’t compromise on music. I understand every single person will value different things, and if you don’t value music so much [and that is 100% OK, when I married my hubby, he did not care what we did for music because he doesn’t value it the way I do.]

Also, seriously, who the hell says ‘they are the BEST WEDDING DJ’… how does one define this?

I will only tell you that I love my clients and they love me. We talk a lot about what their musical needs are and between us, we create their best day ever.

KISS Entertainment Google Reviews

Brooke + Jack

Every single guest at our wedding commented on just how amazing she was.
Kelly was able to read the room and made the night so special.
From her singing, music choices and organisation we couldn’t have asked for a better MC & DJ.
Her presences made it feel like we had a lifetime friend there for us on the day.

Jack, Kel + Brooke

Talia + Ash

Kelly went above and beyond for my wedding. She met with us a number of times to discuss what we like/don’t like and helped us to coordinate our day as it was not at a venue. She mc’d for the night and kept everything running smoothly and also helped us organise our music for after she left the wedding. We’ve had sooo many comments from our guests that the music was awesome, and people were dancing all night! Kelly will make your event amazing, and she is also a lovely person. Cannot recommend Kelly enough!

Ash, Kel + Talia

Laura + Rowan

Kel is awesome. We had her for our wedding in December 2021. Not only does she DJ but she sings and plays the guitar which is perfect during meal time. Kel listened to our song requests and it was on point!
Kel is also very personable which I really liked as I could actually bond with her and think of her more than a supplier but as a friend.
Thanks again Kel!

With just those 3 reviews, to my clients, I am the right fit, I am the DJ that was suited to them and their guests, and if you really look at them [and ALL my other reviews] a KEY ATTRIBUTE of mine, is my ability to get to know you, listen to you, and become a friend. We might just be friends for the night, but that is what you want.

You want all your vendors to treat your wedding like it was their wedding. This is what I do. I will make sure you wedding runs exactly how you want it to be, and any hiccups on the way, I will try and fix.

Wedding DJs are a dime a dozen, tell you they are the best, promise the world etc. You need to find ‘your people’… this is SOOOOOO super important.

So me saying, I am NOT ‘the best wedding DJ’ is 100% correct. I’m am the best DJ for all my couples.

Do your research, don’t trust anyone with your day!

If you’d like to chat more, please feel free to contact me, I’d love to chat to you about how we can make your wedding amazing!


Much love
Kel x

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