Photo courtesy of Paul Orfali Photography

You’re planning the music for your wedding day, and you both have different ideas on what you want. One wants live music, but the other wants a DJ. Both are amazing choices. I, for one, LOVE live music, I am a musician, so I always seek out live music when I’m out and about…. BUT I also know how important a DJ can be for your wedding day.

So I say… why not have both? It’s becoming more and more common to see live music during a wedding ceremony, then during canapés and meals. Then the DJ will kick in once all formalities are finished and everyone is ready to dance the night away. I can tell you, from personal experience, this seems to be a winner.

I’ve been known to sing all your classics, and then after I’ve sung ‘Nutbush’ everyone wanted ‘The Macarena’…. which, well I just can’t pull off as well as the original, so once I finish singing the Nutbush (because Tina Turner is AMAZEBALLS) and then the next song will be the original version of the Macarena. Then we can sing some more classics, then you want ‘Bohemian Rhapsody? Done, I will play Queens version, because, well it’s amazing.

See? You get the best of both worlds all night! Check out some of my live singing here!

I also LOVE when I’m asked to sing my beautiful couples First Dance, or the Processional Song.

I love that I can offer both, I can offer live singing and DJ music and a great night, all customised to suit you and your guests. Let KISS Entertainment help you create the “Perfect Soundtrack For Your Wedding”.

If music is important, don’t just leave it to anyone, pick an amazing musician that will suit your day, your needs, your happiness.

Till next time!
Kel x