Should I hire a Videographer?

YES and here is why!

Should I hire a Videographer? YES and here is why.


Should I hire a videographer? I see this asked ALL the time, and the short and simple answer is YES!

My biggest regret from my wedding [11 years ago] was not having a videographer capture our ceremony. I was so excited and overwhelmed when I married my lover, that I don’t remember any of it. I mean, I have the original paper [yes peeps, we used paper back then] with our vows on it, etc, but I am often told by those who attended that it was one of the most real and authentic weddings they had ever been too, and they could feel the love oozing out of us.

Then I wish I had a copy so I could share it with our children. This one isn’t as important, but they do ask us about our wedding day, so I wish I could share that with them.

Small or Big Wedding? It Doesn’t Matter! 

We had a really small wedding, of 32 people [including us] so I probably would not have had the videographer there after the ceremony, as there were no formalities at all after that.

If you are having the bells and whistles at your wedding, the gorgeous dry ice [I do that too, check out the ‘my offerings’ page to hire our dry ice machine], you want your speeches to be recorded, your first dance etc, then 100% get your videographer to stay for all those things!

My FINAL bit of advice if you are hiring a videographer [and this can also apply to your photographer]… MAKE SURE YOU HIRE THEM FOR THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF TIME.

I can’t tell you how many times I’m sitting with my couples, curating their run sheet, and when I ask them what time their photographer/videographer is there till… they will say “oh we hired them for a 6 hour package, so they will be gone at 7pm’…. Ummmm ok, but your reception only started at 6pm, and we’re not set to do the first dance till 8:30pm… and oh, you want sunset photos? That isn’t going to happen. Doing a Sparkler Exit? That’s fabulous, but no iPhone is going to do a better job than the professionals, so make sure you book them for the whole night.

Make sure you think of these things when booking them, you are going to be paying good money for them, because I know you will pick the best videographer/photographer that suits you, so don’t miss out on any of the key moments that are important to you!

Should I hire a Videographer? HELL YES! Check out who I recommend capturing your day… I would use any of them in a heartbeat! Click Wedding Buddies!


Much love

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