Vaccinated Vendors

Finding your Vaccinated Vendors – Ahhhh the joys of 2021! As we are all aware by now, for me to be able to go back to work, I have to be double vaxxed for COVID-19…. well I am!

COVID-19 Digital Certificate

COVID-19 Digital Certificate

However, I would like to tell you all that I am:
1. Pro Vaccination (Vaccinated Vendors we are!)
2. I am PRO-Choice to what YOU put in your body

Loving you and your guest will be the same, vaccinated or not. Licking your eyeballs [guests as well], will still happen regardless, so don’t stress about that hahaha I believe we all have the right to choose what we do to our bodies and for me, this was my right decision.

We have all had such a rough 18 odd months, and these lockdowns have been brutal. Hopefully, we are seeing the end of this and we will be able to laugh and drink together and say ‘remember that time we were locked up, but none of us went to jail?’


So, do not stress about me, I’m vaxxed and ready to hug/dance/kiss and lick some eyeballs! Cannot wait! I will follow all the rules and do the right thing for you all. I just want to enjoy the whole day with you, your family, and your guests.

Want to book me? Get in quick, spots are filling up WAY too quickly… head to my ‘Contacts‘ page and shoot me through an enquiry!

I just cannot WAIT to see you all get married and celebrate this day with you!

Till then…
Kel xx

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