Wedding Tips: What you MUST have to get married?

What do you need to have at your wedding? Need some wedding tips? This is what we are here for, to help you create the most amazing wedding you have ever dreamt of. We have over 15 years of helping our couples plan and create the most amazing weddings, helping them choose their vendors, and be confident to know we all have your best interests on the day.

A Celebrant, you and your loved one, and 2 witnesses.

That’s it, nothing more legally required to get married, so why do we have such huge expectations on how our wedding day should look?

S+D getting married at the very gorgeous Fergusson Winery in the Yarra Valley.

It’s so daunting for newly engaged couples, the fear of booking the wrong suppliers, spending too much, or not enough money, and the dreaded ‘guest list’. Or then there is the worry about what to include during your wedding? You don’t want to have a ‘first dance’, but everyone else is telling you must?!

Below are few Wedding Tips from us:

You do you! Don’t do what everyone says you ‘should’ do. What is about you and your partner that makes you happy? Do you love cheese? Well then, have a cake made out of your favourite cheeses.

Cheese Style Wedding Cake

Want to dance outside under that stars? Find a venue where you can, as Shannon and Dale did. They choose the gorgeous Toolangi Heights, a total DIY venue, that caters to exactly how you want your wedding to look like. It was the most gorgeous setting for their first dance. 

First Dance under the stars

I will do everything I can to help you create your wedding day as I have over 15 years of helping to plan + create weddings. Contact us now to help you create your wedding, your way, with as many wedding tips as you can handle.