What kind of music is played during dinner

at a wedding? I am so bloody glad you asked!

For years, you see those cheesy wedding bands or DJs playing all the cheese, that has been done like a zillion times, and no one really likes the songs. Or they are blasting tunes that are inappropriate or should be playing these tunes once the dance floor opens. So, what kind of music is played during dinner at a wedding? 

Here is my formula for NO MORE BORING BACKGROUND MUSIC!!

LIVE MUSIC!! If you book me for your whole wedding day [check out “My Offering” for more information] you get live acoustic tunes before and after your ceremony [check out the tunes here] and then once we officially start your reception, I slowly start bringing the tempo up.

What does that mean?

  • I start with acoustic style backing tracks [different versions of classics]
  • I then move into upbeat backing tracks, all those songs that will get your feet itching to dance before mains are served

This is me, busting out some acoustic tunes at St Anne’s Winery in Myrniong for the wedding back in December 2021.

When I need to have a break [because I am also the Event Host/MC] I have customised a Spotify list [<– SAVE THIS] with funky versions of songs! I make sure [well I try my best] to ensure none of your key songs are in that list, and if they are, I will remove them ASAP].

So next time you wonder ‘what kind of music is played during dinner at a wedding’ remember it does not need to be crappy cheesy boring music.

Music should be joyful, not cheesy! 

Till next time

Much love
Kel x 

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