Why do you need a

Professional MC at your Wedding?


People will often ask ‘ why do you need a professional MC at your wedding?’ 

My answer is:

  • We know what we’re doing [years of experience]
  • We will make sure all key moments happen when they are meant to happen
  • We know how to command a room, speak clearly and get all important information to your guests
  • We will liaise with your vendors to ensure everything runs smoothly and everyone knows what is happening
  • We will keep time perfectly

A great MC, will get to know you, pay attention to your guests, speeches and bring their own flair and personality to your wedding day. You want someone who is vibrant and keeps your vibe exactly how you want it.

You want someone who is respectful of the venue and will ensure your vision is brought to life, then get the right MC for you. 

However, if you really want your Uncle, Bestie, or someone you know as your MC, then no worries at all! I will help CO-MC with them. This way, they get to enjoy themselves, I do most of the ‘behind the scenes work and watch the time for them. 


So, Why do you need a Professional MC at your Wedding? I will make sure everything is running smoothly, I set the perfect vibe, I will interact with your guests, respect your venue and vendors and overall, everyone will think I’m a long-time friend! 

So, when you’re booking me to be your MC as well [and you should] also think about where you locate me. You don’t want to put me in the corner, far away from everyone. Read my little blog about how much space I need and WHERE to position me! Click HERE

Thinking of booking me for MC? head over to my ‘CONTACT‘ page and let’s connect! 

With love
Kel x 

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