Because we all have questions that need answering. 

How much can I expect to pay?

Head over to the ‘My Offering’ Page, that will tell you exactly what you’re paying, and what you are getting for your money! 

Can you MC Our Wedding?

Hell yes I can! I love to MC, it’s one of my favourite things to do. It gives me the chance to go canoodling with your guests, talk to mum and dad, have a dance with Grandma and just love on life! I do not charge extra for MC [IF you’re hired me for your music, otherwise, YES indeedly I do charge if that is the only service you are hiring me for], it’s something I just love to do.

Can we meet you?

YES, and I also encourage it! With the way the world is now, and how blessed we are to have so much technology at our fingertips, we definitely can ‘meet’. If you want to meet in person, we can do this too, I know some cozy little bars in Brunswick + Fitzroy to meet. Otherwise, FaceTime or Zoom, are amazing!

Can we request songs?

100% you can and I encourage it. I do not need you to give me a list of songs to last the whole reception, I just need some of your ABSOLUTE *FAV* songs/artists EVER, and I can then build your music repertoire from there!

Can we request DO NOT play songs?

Yes, yes you can. I will always ask if there are certain songs you *don’t* want me to play… like songs that envoke sad memories, or songs that have been played at funerals [this is importnat, when I die, I want ‘Let Me Entertain You’ by Robbie Williams played as my final good bye! No one would think of that songs as a ‘funeral’ song!]

And you might just hate ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go Go’ [I’m ok with that, because I really really dislike that song for some reason hahahaha]. Just let me know which songs that are a ‘hard’ NO and I will make sure they are not played.

Can our guest make requests?

Yes, of course they can, as long as you are ok with it. I will, however, play their ‘requests’ at my discretion, as the song they want to hear might not suit the flow of the dance floor, or it might be just totally inappropriate. 

If I think it’s totally inappropriate, I will ask your guests for another song choice. 

What happens if you are sick?

In all my years of performing, I have not missed a wedding day! But, should I get ill [visualise me in hospital and they will not let me out] I have amazing back up DJs who I can call on to help out. Although they are not me, they are all amazing and I trust them to look after you, just like I would. 

What happens if your gear fails?

I have back up, upons back ups and there have been times I’ve had to use them and NO-ONE knew I was using them. I also have the battery operated portable speakers so if something goes wrong, so music/speeches can continue. You will be none the wiser if I’m secretly changing things out! 🙂 

Do I have to signed the T+C's

Yes you do, and so does your partner, and so do I. These Terms + Conditions have been written by an amazing lawyer who is looking after YOU and ME! I want to do the right thing by you, and because you’re just as amazing, I know you’d want to do the right thing by me! x

How much time do you need to Set Up?

Generally speaking, I require 2 hours before your guests arrive to load in, set up, sound check and then get changed to look fabulous for your wedding. We can discuss this during our chats and I will also speak to your venue before your wedding to confirm what suits them as well.

Do you travel?

Yes I do! We travel all over Melbourne + Regional Victoria… AND INTERSTATE [just costs a few more $$ for interstate, but it will be a great wedding].

For Victorian weddings, travel up to 2 hours from CBD and then travel fees/accommodation will be required. However, we will discuss this at the beginning of our romance together.

How do we book you?

Head over to my ‘Contact Page‘ page and fill the form out and let’s get this started!