When booking music for your wedding day, it can be extremely overwhelming. You don’t know who is good, bad or in-different. You possibly don’t know any DJs/Bands, been to many weddings to see who is out there and what is on offer.

You then starting ‘Googling’ (like we all do) and it becomes even more overwhelming. Pricing anywhere from $200 to over $5000.

Everyone will tell you they’re the best, that they will deliver exactly what you want, or they will beat any price. Reviews on both Websites and Facebook can be fake, but written so you believe them.

When booking music, you need to decide what is important to you. Some questions to ask yourself before you reach out are:

  1. Do you want a DJ? Or live music? Or a mixture of both?
  2. Do you need ceremony music? Or will your Celebrant play that for you?
  3. Do you want your DJ/Live Music to also provide MC duties?
  4. How long are you wanting them to perform for?
  5. What style of DJ/Live music are you looking for? Upbeat? Reserved?
  6. What do they offer? Lights, PA, Music Choices etc?
  7. Are they flexible with how you want to style your wedding, musically?

Once you’ve worked out what you want, this will make the search a little easier for you. I offer, live singing, MC and DJing as part of my Premium DJ Service. Included in this, is a very stylish DJ set up (see photo below) to compliment your wedding reception, wireless microphone for speeches, as well as lights for once you are ready to kick off the shoes and dance.

Not every couple are my people! I love everyone, but I won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, and that is ok. I want every single person to have the BEST wedding day ever, because I LOVE love, and I love being married. I can generally tell in my first contact with a couple, if I will be the right person for them. I think they can feel it too, it’s why I make such strong connections with my couples and……….

95% of my couples don’t meet before their wedding day, because I ‘tick’ all their boxes, they trust me. When I speak to other DJs, they can’t believe I don’t meet most of my couples. I must have a trusting face (hehehe) but I also have a whole lot of killer reviews on my Facebook page that they can message ANY of my couples and they will be so happy to chat to them.

Talk to many, if music is important, don’t let money be your only reason to pick someone. You want the best? Then find the BEST for you.