Client Journey

A step-by-step process from our first meeting to the follow-up email after your special day. 


  • How do I book Kelly?

  • “What steps does Kelly take from inquiry to booking?”

  • “Why is Kelly a better option over other choices on the market?”


Often the first step in the process is you find me, hooray for you! 
Whether you found me on socials, saw me at a wedding/event, or googled me, I am always super happy for anyone who wants me to help make their event that little bit more special, here’s to our client journey togehter! 

Once we’ve had a lil chat over the phone or through email, I will send out some forms to scope out exactly what you want from me. This will include a questionnaire so I can understand exactly what you want and what I can provide for you. This questionnaire also helps us find out if we will be a good fit for each other, I love tradition but I also love originality, it is your wedding and if you want to walk down the aisle to “The Imperial March”, then I will love helping you make that a reality. 


Once all the music plans and run sheets are organised, we will understand the breakdown of the whole day. That means I become a “go-to” for everything on the day. I can MC or co-MC on the day, making sure all people are on the right time schedule. Keeping to time is what makes your day even better, so I will be there to make sure everyone is where they should be on the day. 

After the event, I will provide you with videos of the evening that I took to help supplement any extra bits of amazing form the event. I believe every angle is a chance of getting golden content. 

Some important things to remember about me and when you book my services: 

– I am both a live singer (got some vids of me singing on the ‘Tube) and DJ, it costs NOTHING for either of those. I will sing as much as possible, but I am aware of my abilities (or lack thereof rapping skills) and will DJ songs that are out of my skill level. 

– I hate boring music! I want you to have a good time and dance until you can’t anymore (or until the venue kicks us out). It should be personal and fun for everyone. Importantly, I love what I do and love giving out as many unique experiences as possible. However, I recognise that some events aren’t made for me, nor I for them. So even though I want to work with everyone, sometimes we aren’t going to be a good fit. 

Well, that seems like an amazing amount of who I am and what I do. I hope you’ve had some questions asked, understand my booking process and would love to reach out and see what I can do for you and your event. 

Much love,
Kel x 

Once we’ve figured out as much as we can from your answers, we will jump on a zoom call to have a face-to-face meeting. This allows us to get a feel for each other as understanding each other helps make the process even more personal and unique to you.  

You’ve made it this far, YAY! 
We must really like each other so the next step is to sign it, literally. I will book your event into my calendar and then get your signatures on contract to properly engage my services. 

We will build a music plan for the for the day and what songs will play at certain points, and if there are any specific requests you have that you would want to hear on the evening. While developing your music plan, I will work closely with other vendors to understand their timing and plans for the day, so everything works seamlessly over that day. Coordinating run sheets for all vendors to work with each other is pivotal to the perfect day. 


Check out some of the Live Videos I have, just to give you an idea on what I love to sing!

Need some pics of people enjoying their wedding day? Head over to my Instagram for more pics!

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